Tidying Up

Today I replaced the cut off image of the Warm Lentil Salad recipe I put up yesterday- sorry about that!

Also spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to improve my favicons. First, I had to learn that “favicon” is the name for the Apple Touch Icons and the small icon next to the website name on a laptop browser tab. I had no problem customizing the one for the browser tabs, but have had no luck with the iPhone icons. I tried two different plug-ins that promised to optimize these for me, both of which said I had successfully customized the apple icons. They both lied. I am open to any suggestions!

Update:  Aaaand, I am a moron. Both plug-ins worked fine. The problem was that my iPhone was still running an old version of iOS, so I couldn’t see my lovely favicons. Time to stop procrastinating and close those 300 or so tabs I’ve got open so that I can update.