Step 2, complete.

Step 2 in the Raising Butterflies section is finished, only three steps to go! Mostly text in the section on bringing in caterpillars from the wild, as opposed to only bringing in eggs. I’ve decided I don’t want to put up gross pics here, so if anyone wants a really good look at the revolting diseases and Alien-esque predators that can afflict your caterpillars, I’ve given you descriptions and the proper terminology. You’ll have to rely on Google (or DuckDuckGo!) for the gruesome visuals.

Hall Pass!

Today on the Happy Yard page I added info about and links to the Natural Habitat Evanston page. They just announced that they will have yard signs available explaining the presence of leaf litter in a yard and encouraging others to pledge to support wildlife by letting leaves lie.

I feel like a kid in school who shows his hall pass to the hall monitors. I am SUPPOSED to have leaf litter in my yard. I have a note that says so!   winking%20smiley%20face%20clip%20art