The last few days I’ve been working on visual layouts for the website, since I needed a break from the caterpillar care dissertation. Most of this has happened behind the scenes, and quite a bit of it was a complete failure and ended up on the scrap heap. However, I finally managed a nice pictorial link for the milkweed:

I also worked on a squirrel pic which I am not super happy with, but which will do. I’ll install it tomorrow. See below:

Don’t even ask about the grackle pic. Sigh.

I knew this would take a while.

Today I put up two more pages of content on the raising caterpillars page and added in some things to the earlier text that I had forgotten. Two thirds of the way through the caterpillar info now, then I move onto the butterflies themselves. I knew this was going to take forever.

That’s my boy!

Today I took a break from writing about caterpillar care and worked on website visuals a bit. I’ve decided I want just one column for sections under each menu heading, obviously with some nice pictures.

To that end I took one of my pics of a male monarch butterfly and cropped out the background, then used it as a Raising Monarchs link on the Growing Flora and Fauna page.

My photo, my photo editing!


This puts me on the right track for what I ultimately want the display layout to be. Also, another icon is my very own, rather than random clip art. Win-win!

Tomorrow back to caterpillars.

Tremendous amounts of Invisible Progress

You can’t see it, but I did so much work for the butterfly section today! I located and uploaded over 20 extremely illustrative pics of caterpillars, newborns through chrysalides. I’ve created what is essentially an illustrated outline of the entire caterpillar raising process. Tomorrow I expect to be able to whip through huge amounts of text, guided by my pics!

Bots, methinks.

So today someone from Boardman, Oregon visited my website 255 times. Yeah, right.

A simple search reveals that Boardman is the site of an Amazon data center. Bots are crawling my site! Eeewww. I’ve read up on a few of the possible reasons for this and I don’t like any of them.

I identified the suspect IP addresses and have blocked them. If you’re a techy person who can tell me any reason this was not a good plan, do drop me an email. If you’re reading this and not a bot, you almost certainly know my email or know someone who does.

Thank you!!


Cleaned up a couple of pages today- put clearer delineations between suggestions on the Gifts worth Giving page and also rethought the organization on the Natural Yard page of Growing Flora and Fauna and made things clearer.

Also decided I really want to do most of my own icons, so taught myself to use Paint 3D, a cute little program that came preinstalled on my HP laptop. Look at me, I drew a bird! Yesterday I did a house by hand, which was much faster. But I am happy that I now have both options! Grow, Daisy, Grow!

Elephants, anyone?

As I am still working on closing windows on my phone that I’ve left open to remind me to post things here, I added a new section under Growing Up: Gifts Worth Giving. I also reorganized the Growing Up page a bit and renamed it Growing Up (Recs) so people understand it is a page for recommendations. I had taken the “Growing” theme too far and had become unclear. Hoping this clears things up, and that people find the gift suggestions useful.