Squirrels were paramount. Sorry.

So I didn’t work on Step 3 of Growing Butterflies today. It has become critical that I upgrade my phone to the latest iOS. How can I get by if my SkyView Lite is not working?!? But this means I must close open windows, so anything I left open to remember to put up here has to go up. Now.

So, you get squirrels. Naturally they are on the Growing Flora and Fauna page.


Note to self: Someday I should put up a section for The Adventures of Bad Bunny and Smudge the Squirrel. Maybe I could get my daughter to illustrate…

Step 2, complete.

Step 2 in the Raising Butterflies section is finished, only three steps to go! Mostly text in the section on bringing in caterpillars from the wild, as opposed to only bringing in eggs. I’ve decided I don’t want to put up gross pics here, so if anyone wants a really good look at the revolting diseases and Alien-esque predators that can afflict your caterpillars, I’ve given you descriptions and the proper terminology. You’ll have to rely on Google (or DuckDuckGo!) for the gruesome visuals.