This Website is Under Construction!

Hi, welcome to my website! I’ve decided I need a place to which I can refer people who ask about my butterflies, my writing, my art, my recipes, etc., and this is it. I’m working on it in a leisurely fashion, so lots of sections are empty or incomplete, but I’ll get there eventually.


For those of you following along as I get this set up, I know nothing has been going on here for several days. I’ll get back to building up the site basics tomorrow.

It turns out that keeping nearly 40 caterpillars fed and cared for doesn’t leave any time for… well, anything else! Now that 28 of them are chrysalides, I’ll have time to type up and upload photos for the posts I postponed (pun intended!). I currently have handwritten notes written on paper scraps and will enter them in the order I wrote them.

Until tomorrow!