Condensed Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly on purple Common Milkweed flower, Asclepias Syriaca
Common Milkweed

The webpage is having retroactive growing pains. When learning how to organize and construct a website (well I’m still learning that, but earlier in the process) I put in too many pages linking to one another. So today I combined two of the Growing Milkweed pages and removed the landing page I had created for them, leading to a (hopefully) more seamless experience. Grow, website, grow!

Thank you, Voltaire…

American Robin

… for bringing to our notice the old Italian aphorism, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” I worked on the Lawn page today. It is not perfect. But it is good. I can add more to it at a future date- backyard foraging! ducks, deer, chipmunks! – but tomorrow I will move on to a new section since I have only a month(!) to have the site ready for visitors.