Favorite Things for the House

                 A no-work humidifier.

All humidifiers should be this easy. Fill it and turn it on. Clean it occasionally- every single part that touches water can go in the dishwasher. No germs, no slime, no mineral buildup. Tank opening is large enough to put your whole hand in if you’d rather wash it that way. Filters- toss it and put in a new one. I run my humidifier 24/7 and I change the filter once a month, mostly because of giant piles of cat fur. They’re $10 per filter, but if you’re not running it all day and all night with your cats hanging their heads over the top you won’t need them as often. LOVE IT!

Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ Free Humidifier, HCM-350

         An EASY way to mince garlic!

I am a Lazy Cook. This means that I don’t want to work too hard in the kitchen, but the food I produce still has to taste better than a frozen dinner or why am wasting my time? For me, fresh garlic makes the difference. But GEEZ, mincing garlic takes freaking forever. UNLESS YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE THINGS. I consider garlic presses to be an exercise in frustration, but I use this twister most nights and I’ve calculated out that it saves me about 2 hours a month. Yep, it is totally worth $20 to me to not spend a full 24 hours each year chopping garlic.

NexTrend Garlic Twister 4th generation.