Things that bring joy to my heart.

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Things for the House
Gifts Worth Giving
 When I was a little girl, I had a recurring dream. The first time I had the dream I was maybe three years old. I dreamt that I wandered into my living room and noticed a small door in the wall where no door had ever been before. I knew that the door was magic and meant just for me. Filled with excitement, I crept forward, opened the door, and peeked around the edge. Inside there was a huge field of wildflowers, much larger than would fit inside my house. The sun shone on the field, bunnies played, and to the horizon and beyond there was playground equipment, more than could be found in ten parks combined. The room fulfilled the deepest wish of my three-year-old heart.

Over the years I had the dream many times. Different houses, different doors, but always just my size. When I was five the room was filled with helium balloons and I would run through the strings hanging from the balloons above my head for what seemed like miles. When I was nine the room was an endless private library overflowing with books, many of which were written by my favorite authors and not in existence anywhere else in the world. When I was eleven it contained a genie bottle that didn’t hold a genie. It held a magic elixir that made me able to fly as far and high as I wished around my neighborhood. When I was fourteen there were lipsticks and eye shadows and nail polishes.

When I was twenty-four I had the dream for the last time. It had been years and years since I had even thought about my magic door, let alone dreamt of it. I approached this full-size adult dream door with surprise and curiosity. I opened the door and found… a lifetime supply of paper towels. It made me just ridiculously happy. And that was the moment I knew I had grown up.

There are lots of practical things in my life now that bring joy to my grown-up heart. I’ll list them here by category. I hope that you can find some things here that bring joy to your heart, too, or at least make life a little bit easier. Sorry, no lifetime supply of paper towels. Try Amazon for that.